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Noosa - The Sebel

I didn’t think that after experiencing the beauty of Byron Bay there would be something getting close to it.

Once again, life taught me differently.

Noosa ist definitely more than a beautiful vacation spot.

I would say that Noosa combines the beauty of stunning beaches, stunning coasts together with a subtle luxurious touch. The main street is filled with cute shops, restaurants, cafes, and vibrant places.

Right in the heart of this main street you can find the incredible place where I had the honour to stay for 2 nights: the Sebel hotel.

We were welcomed by a lovely reception team who showed us the ammenities and our room. More than a room it was a spacious and very nicely decorated apartment. From a kitchen, with all its utensils, to a bath tub with integrated jacuzzi function, a flat screen TV in the living room and a queen size bed, there was everything one could wish for.

On the balcony we could enjoy the sun and the incredible 25 degrees that Noosa has in WINTER, while enjoying a cup of coffee or a self-cooked meal from our kitchen!

When we didn’t feel like cooking, the central location of the hotel made it possible to grab something to eat within a few minutes walking distance. My favourite: obviously Acai Bowls.

The hotel also has a swimming pool area, a gym and a spa right next door. Basically, we didn’t miss anything.

It really gave us the feeling of being in holidays but also made it really hard to leave.

If you’re ever in Noosa, make sure you don’t go to any other place than this one. You won’t regret it!


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