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Zest Bali

... Stairway to heaven.

Located on top of a beautiful hill this place is truly magical. Surrounded by jungle sounds and a beautiful view this place really offers everything; from a perfect co-working atmosphere to a really delicious lunch/dinner spot.

When I came to Bali I knew that I wanted to visit this place for sure. I read and saw many positive references about this place and that it is an amazing spot for good plantbased food. I had the honour to try out many of their delicacies from the menu and get a good overall impression of this place.

The atmosphere

If you are looking for a good spot to work and be surrounded by wonderful people, this is the place to be. It is a place to feel like home. During the day there is an awesome co-working atmosphere which inspires and gives you the perfect setting for all matters while enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea. In the evening this place turns into a magical place with candlelight and a wonderful calming atmosphere to enjoy an awesome dinner.


We were attended by different staff members and all of them where extraordinary friendly. The staff is well informed and they could help us really well with any dietary requirements. Even during the busy times you will always feel welcomed and well attended.


If you are looking for a beautiful lunch or dinner spot to treat all your senses you will feel in the right place here. We had an awesome lunch and tried several delicious dishes. For me the best choice to go for was definitely the vegan pizza with jackfruit. This was seriously next level! But also the wraps and bowls were truly amazing! Just watch out that you inform the staff when you don't like having too much garlic and onions because one of my dishes (Bali Breeze wok) was very loaded with it. One of my highlights was the raw cheesecake that we got for dessert: this was heaven. I am sure whatever you pick from the menu, you won't be disappointed!


Last but not least the drinks were also part of this amazing experience. We tried their cold-pressed juices, which were really fresh and delicious. We took the green juice and the beetroot juice, both were awesome! Together with this delicious raw cheesecake we ordered a turmeric latte and THE BEST hot chocolate I have ever tried. When you come here you seriously have to try this! It's called cacao ceremony, at it really is a ceremony for your taste buds. You get to choose different chocolate types and we went for the darkest one together with chilli, which was an awesome combination! A must-try!

I guess by now you can tell that this place really covers everything; from the perfect working atmosphere with delicious drinks to an incredible plantbased menu and food. I would come back any time, especially to check out their amazing breakfast options!


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