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Wake Up!

If you are still thinking that hostels are boring, ugly and not comfortable, then you haven’t been to WAKE UP!

I had the pleasure to experience both locations: Sydney and Byron Bay.

I am definitely usually not a hostel type of person, just because I enjoy to have my own space, comfort and undisturbed sleep. However, wake up has taught me differently. This hostel is just not a random place to stay at, it feels like family.

I stayed in a private bedroom with ensuite bathroom, which gave me my privacy but at the same time allowed me to enjoy the hostel vibe outside my room. Since you all know how much I love to cook, I also had to try their big community kitchen, and let me tell you, I was absolutely impressed! All kitchen utensils and cooking essentials are provided and the facilities are in a very good condition.

In Sydney, thanks to the central location everything is within walking distance. If you'd rather take public transport you can catch it right in front of the door. Wake Up Sydney has a very vibrant vibe with many people from all around the world. Just sit in the lobby and watch the different nationalities and cultures coming in and out. So much fun!

In Byron, you wake up to the sounds of nature and after breakfast you have the chance to rent a bike or jump on a surf board to catch some waves. Both options are complimentary! After that you can take a walk along the beach to the town centre within just 15 min. Get a nourishing Acai Bowl and just sit at the beach watching the waves and surfers out there. I loved it! For dinner you can come back to the hostel and enjoy your meal in their wonderful outside courtyard area where you’ll meet people from all around the world. Make sure to check their night specials! We had the pleasure to enjoy free wine and cheese on the first night with beautiful live music.

There is no way you could compare these places since each of them has a very special vibe to it. The location in Sydney is super central and easy accessible, whereas the location in Byron Bay is right at the beach with a stunning nature surrounding it. If you ask me to choose one I’d probably go with the one in Byron Bay, but just due to the fact that I enjoy being in nature so much, rather than in a busy city. However, both places were absolutely cozy and the staff made you feel welcomed right from the first minute.

The Lord Byron

If you feel like a little more special getaway, the Lord Byron is the choice for you.

Owned by the same lovely company as Wake Up! both places focus on the familiarity and aim to provide you with not only a place to stay but a real experience.

The Lord Byron is located almost in the town centre of Byron and has many beautiful features to choose from. You can go for a swim in the pool, have a drink in the jacuzzi, rent a surf board or just simply hang out in their beautiful ammenities. Although the Lord Byron doesn’t have a kitchen, the central location enables to get food in immediate walking distance.

The rooms are furnished with extremely much love to details. Every room is unique and has a very particular design, but all of them are extremely aesthetic and cozy. I immediately fell in love with their style!

I couldn’t choose between the hostels or the hotel since both are very unique in their own way. If you feel more like socialising and meeting people from all around the world, then Wake Up is your choice! If you feel like a getaway for yourself or private time with your partner then I would suggest going for the Lord Byron. It also has a very romantic touch!

I definitely enjoyed the contrasts between Wake Up and the Lord Byron a lot! It was very nice to meet both worlds and take wonderful experiences from both of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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