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Clear Cafe

Ubud & Canggu

If you go to Bali the clear cafe is a must see and try!

I experienced the beauty of it already in Ubud and now that they opened a new one in Canggu I had to try it! I had the honour to try all their delicacies on their updated menu in Canggu. Everything was MIND BLOWING!

My favourite dish was the sushi bowl with tempeh. All those flavour were just incredible! It literally tasted like sushi in a bowl. Even the ginger was freshly pickled and not the store bought one.

My mum had the curry made out of cashew which was extremely rich and yummy!

For the sweet tooth, I can highly recommend the raw key lime pie and also the mocha mylkshake with a scoop of vegan ice cream. So yum!

To make this experience even more perfect, the staff was incredibly friendly and caring. The ambiance is also very special since it is uniquely built and designed.

If you’re ever in Ubud or Canggu make sure to try either one of their cafes. You won’t regret it!


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