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Barcelona's Top Eating Spots

Barcelona, Barcelona. What a wonderful city to visit! Not only breath-taking points of interest, but also many different vegan nice spots for food lovers like me! I know how hard it is to take choices when it comes to restaurants and cafes that all have amazing reputations! That's why I decided to check out all those places and create must-eat list with the best Top 4, just for you!

1. Teresa Carles

Teresa Carles is one of the most famous Chefs in Barcelona when it comes to plant based food. This woman has created her small imperium with several wonderful food spots. Her first restaurant named like herself, Teresa Carles is located right in the beautiful centre of Barcelona. It offers a widespread vegetarian cuisine with many vegan options. There is always a 3 course lunch menu for a really affordable price or the choice of creating your own healthy and nourishing salad with all the variations and toppings you can think of! I decided to try the lunch menu which always gives you two choices for each course. I decided for the lunch menu including a salad, a saffron and spinach risotto and a decadent chocolate strawberry cake. All of them were delicious and really stunning especially considering the price. One of the must-sees and must-eat!

2. Flax and Kale

Since Teresa Carles was so delicious, I decided to try out one of her other restaurants, Flax and Kale. Located in one of Barcelona's cute typic cute narrow streets this place offers a flexitarian cuisine, where mostly vegetarian and vegan meals are served (also raw options) but also a few fish dishes. For this place they do not take reservations and we had to wait for a little bit to be seated. We were really lucky and got a place at the wonderful rooftop which holds a beautiful small garden right in the middle where all their veggies are freshly and organically grown. We tried several dishes like the raw pizzas, the asian rice noodles with wok veggies and vegan parmesan, and a freshly baked apple crumble. All of them were gorgeous, you could taste every single ingredient. This one is definitely one of my favourite spots, since it combines wonderful ambiance with delicious fresh prepared food.

3. Travel & cake

The restaurant chain Cup & Cake has many different store locations all over Barcelona. One of my favourite ones was Travel & Cake, located in the north of the city center. Perfect for a breakfast or brunch this place offers tasty vegetarian but also vegan options. I had their Acai bowl which had the perfect consistency and was truly delicious. This place is especially nice if you are looking to be surrounded by locals and the Spanish language. Here you will see many Spanish people coming in and out to cherish their weekend brunch. I loved it!

4. Green Spot

Last but not least, one my favourite places is without doubt, The Green Spot. Located close to Barcelona's Harbour, this one is just wonderful when it comes to vegetarian and vegan food. Their menu offers a variety of unique dishes from all around the world that all sound so lovely, you will have a difficult time choosing!! I decided to try their signature kale salad and their Muhammara, an arabic speciality made out of roasted peppers, walnuts and pomegranate. My company went for their unique hemp pizza with greens, sprouts and homemade cashew cheese. For dessert I had to try their carrot cake since this is my favourite dessert and OMG! this one was really one of the best I tried so far. In the same manner as it was hard to choose between all their wonderful dishes, it is now hard to put into words how delicious their food was. I think it explains everything when I tell you that I went there twice within just 3 days. The second time I tried their homemade sweet potato noodles with macadamia cream cheese and truffle. Too good to be true! On top of that you I bet you will love the interior and the wood furnishing as much as I did, really beautiful. So, a visit in this place is definitely a must!

I hope this could give you a small but good insight into these wonderful places and also helps to make your choices easier. I promise that with those listed above you won't be disappointed! Let yourself be inspired by this vibrant city and tell me your experiences whenever you get a chance to try these out!


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