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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

A couple of weeks ago I decided to deepen my yoga knowledge by taking an additional teacher training. As most of probably know, I completed my vinyasa teacher training 2,5 years ago but never had the courage to start teaching.

During my time in Bali I discovered the beauty of yin yoga and that it is the perfect balance to vinyasa and power yoga. In one of those yoga classes I got the clear message that I need to start teaching and that yin yoga could help me to develop the courage to eventually start teaching vinyasa at some point. But also because I truly fell in love with yin praxis.

For those of you who are not familiar with different yoga types: yin yoga is a very slow kind of practice where you hold every position for around 3-8 min. sometimes even longer. For my type of personality who always aims for the maximum and is rather super active than being calm, this was a real challenge. It is the perfect complement to the more active and powerful vinyasa practice. That's also one reason why I decided start teaching it, because I wanted to share this beautiful feeling during and after a yin class with everyone.

I quickly decided to take an additional yin training to have the most and best knowledge available in this field. I started googling and after a while I concluded that I want to take it in German language since in Germany I would start teaching in German as well. Finally I found my perfect match.

You know these kind of situations where you have many options and non of them feels right until one pops up where you immediately know: THIS IS IT! And so it was with and

The timing, length, place and teacher; everything was just right! When read that the teacher would be Jule from one of my favourite studios in Hamburg, I immediately knew that this is the right choice for me. I love her empathy, style of teaching and how she adjusts her students. And believe me, this is so important!

Now looking back, the training was just what I needed. It refreshed my memory of the theory that I already learnt in my first training and provided me with lots of additional know-how for the yin practice. The space was beautiful and the group also very harmoniously. We started everyday with a 30 min. meditation followed by theory about anatomy, bone structure, chakras, nadis and all the more subtle fields. In the afternoon we usually learnt about adjustments and especially how to adjust ourselves in our own yin practice. Props got my new best yoga friend.

All together it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to finally start teaching!

The gratitude goes firstly to this amazing teacher Jule, to the owner of the studio Nicole and to those incredible women who made this time so special.



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