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Graduated Yoga Teacher

I look back to many hours of hard work, sweat, self-confrontation and emotional moments. Sometimes you just take quick decisions that you don't even have to think about twice. This happened to me when I decided to do a teacher training a few weeks ago. I was led by the desire to share this wonderful way of taking care of your body with the rest of the world. Yoga is not only about exercising and keeping yourself fit, there is a whole philosophy behind it. It makes your body feel wholesome and right in all senses. As you might know by now, yoga has been a really important tool for me to find self-acceptance and love. I realised how much else there is behind our bodies and our consciousness, which can be barely put into words.

3 Weeks and 200 hours of training later I can finally consider myself an authorised yoga teacher. Although this time was challenging, I cannot put in words how wonderful and unique this time was for me. I met wonderful people that just accepted you the way you are. I felt and got to know my body from a completely different side. Many times I had to face my limits and of course they were frustrating at first sight. However, later on I realised that those limits help you evolve as a person. I learned to give my body a rest when I felt I needed one, I learned to listen to the signs that my body sent me and to not push me beyond a point that I could not deal with. Sometimes it is good to encourage ourselves to do better because otherwise we could not grow or evolve. However, there is always a healthy limit to everything, which I fortunately learned and especially experienced there.

This is the reason why I posted this picture, because it does not show the perfect posture but rather shows my progress and my limit at that point, which I learnt to accept. It does not matter how far you get into a posture, as long as it feels good so that you can take the whole advantage out of it. This also applies to our everyday lives. Focus on the path rather than on the final goal, since there is so much that you could miss otherwise. I know you have probably heard that many times, but I cannot say that enough times. Enjoy and embrace every moment as it is, it will never come back in that exact same way.


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