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Dark and Beautiful - The Magic of Acai

Everyone talks about Acai and in many places you can find this superfood incorporated in your plates nowadays. It is quite hard to get these berries fresh, so we mostly know them in the frozen way or processed into a powder. In this post I'm going to introduce you to the health benefits of Acai and the importance of antioxidants for your health and body system. Acai berries have been found to be detoxifying for the human body, helping the body to cleanse and remove unnecessary toxins. This is so important in order to keep your organs and especially the digestive system in healthy state.

Additionally, Acai berries are plenty in antioxidants, which help your body fight against free radicals created due to oxidative stress caused by several external factors like pollution, UV rays and smoking. Since our body does not produce enough antioxidants to fight against all the free radicals, we need external alternative sources. To protect your body from to much oxidative stress and related free radicals, it is therefore really important to watch for a constant supply of external sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are usually contained in many foods that have red/purple colours, like Acai and all other type of berries and even dark chocolate!

As with all other superfoods, not everyone are going to feel the same effects when consuming them. For example, I did not feel any predominant effects on my body straight away. However, I like to consume it because I know it is such a good and rich source of antioxidants, which keep my body healthy and in the long term keeps me feeling good. From this you can see that you don't have to necessary feel a huge difference directly after consuming them but often just has a good effect on your body in the long term, which is also invaluable. I usually mix my Acai every now and then into my morning smoothie, which gives it a nice colour but also a fresh and sweet taste. Just experiment with them and help your body by consuming these small full-packed wonder berries rich in antioxidants. Do you have any other superfoods that you would love to here about? Just comment below I will come back to those! xxx


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