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Villa Vegana - Vegan Holiday Heaven on earth

The Villa Vegana is located in the north of the beautiful island Mallorca. It is family owned by a wonderful lovely and warm-hearted couple, which put all their passion and effort creating this unique place on earth.

During your stay at this beautiful place all your senses will be delighted in ways that you never experienced before. Right from the beginning when you arrive and enter this place you will realise the magic of it, you will be speechless like I was the first time I walked in. The owners, Miriam and Jens, welcome you and straight away will give you the feeling of being home and part of the family.

Almost every night Miriam creates the most wonderful dishes you could ever think of, from all over around the world. Each night the journey takes you to a different country or region of the world, in a 3 course menu that delight your taste buds to their maximum. However, the food is only part of what make those evenings so special. In addition to the food cooked with all natural ingredients and tones of love, this place holds an unique atmosphere and spirit that simply cannot be put into words, you have to experience it by yourself!

The rooms are individually decorated and you can see the love to the details in each and every corner of the rooms. In the next morning you will be surprised by an outstanding breakfast with breathtaking views, all-inclusive. Jens creates a diverse breakfast buffet that is distinct every day and includes wonderful dishes like homemade pancakes, freshly baked spelt and onion bread or Spanish Tortilla, just to name a few. After breakfast you have several options on how to spend your day. You can lay next to the the crystal clear sea-water pool and just enjoy the warm sun and those impressive views over the whole island. Also, you have the option to go on wonderful excursions and sightseeing tours to the city of Palma since the Villa is so perfectly located.

No matter when, how long or for what reason you are heading to Mallorca, this is definitely the place to be and stay. You will feel the uniqueness straight away from the beginning. I can vouch with all of my heart that you are not going to regret your choice at any point. Experience it yourself and share your moments from your stay at this vibrant place with me!


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