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Inner Beauty

Beauty and happiness comes from deep inside, from our true inner self. It has taken me a while to realise how essential that is for my overall well-being. I was always criticising myself and not accepting my physical appearance. In that constant questioning, I lost the focus on what is really important about yourself, this being your inner beauty.

One of the facts that helped me to get and especially feel self-acceptance, was the start of my yoga practice. One of the most crucial time getting there was my yoga teacher training. This time taught me so much about myself and my body that I can't even put it in words. After that time it became part of my daily routine, it became part of my daily well-being. Another important factor on my path to self-love was the change to a complete plant based diet. It was so amazing to see and feel how nourished my body became that I really wanted to share this with you. Not only it keeps your body healthy, but also many other animals. For me it is not a diet anymore, it is my lifestyle and it became my passion.

However, I don't want this post to be mainly about nutrition, yoga or food. It is about YOU! I know how hard it is to change patterns, especially such patterns. However, I encourage you from all of my soul to remember yourself every single day what an amazing person you are, just the way you are! Of course we always can do better and improve many things, but believe me, you will be able to change those more effectively when you are in full harmony with your body and yourself. Yo get a power and a strength that no one will be ever able to take from you and never should! Your inner beauty is what makes you unique and truly beautiful. In our today's society we forgot about inner values and that YOU is not your external appearance but your inner self, which makes you different from everyone else. This inner beauty is the one which should be cultivated and treated the most, by just listening to your body listening to what it needs. Sometimes it might be working out really hard, but sometimes it also might be just taking a time off and giving your body the time it needs to rest.

Often you don't change your habits until you don't face serious consequences. I had to feel really weakened and fragile to realise that I had to change my patterns. I am happy to be at this point now where I can write about it and tell people about my feelings without any shame. Everyone carries their package with them and we all go through hard times, but the most important thing is to learn and grow of them. I can certainly say that I learned from those past years and that I don't want to miss this feeling of self-love and acceptance again in my life. You know what beautiful add-on it gives you on top? Not only you will feel the difference but also people from outside will notice that you shine brighter than ever before, and that is not because your physical appeareance changed, but because you are letting shine your true inner beauty.

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